The weekend is remarkable, but on Sunday you begins to overcome anxiety. Although you seem to be completely completely free, all your thoughts are already busy with the upcoming working week. Common situation? Not surprising, because Sunday anxiety announces a lot. But this does not mean that you should come to terms with her-do you want to start a new week in an anxiously loud mood?

“Anxiety usually occurs on Sunday by the middle of the day or in the evening, when we recall that a pleasant weekend is coming to an end and ahead of work again, routine and many different responsibilities,” explains the clinical psychologist Jessica Stern.

Unfortunately, in most cases, it will not work to extend the weekend, how it will not work

and abandon the upcoming unpleasant affairs (for example, meetings with the authorities). But there are other ways to dispel “Sunday longing” and give yourself the opportunity to fully enjoy the weekend.

1. Highlight the time to get out of the “rest mode”

“When you draw up plans for the weekend, it will be very useful to allocate for some time on Sunday (from about 10 minutes to an hour) to gradually translate yourself into a“ everyday mode ”: you can make plans for the next week, decide that you will cookor just do physical exercises, pondering the upcoming things, ”the psychologist recommends.

2. Follow your feelings

On Sunday during the day, pay attention to the emerging emotions. Everything that worries or bothers you, write down on a piece of paper. Then you can view these notes, find patterns and understand what exactly provokes unpleasant experiences.

For example, if you realize that your anxiety is caused by an increased volume of work next week and you are afraid not to cope, you should think about transferring part of the tasks to colleagues or asking to move the deadlines.

3. Plan Monday morning in advance

Often on Monday morning, we feel great stress due to an excess of affairs and feel that we can’t cope. Anxiety on Sunday often occurs precisely because of unpleasant forebodings regarding the next morning. “Try to make a clear plan on Monday morning, this will help you feel more confident before starting the working week and better sleep,” says Jessica Stern.

Prepare your clothes in advance, decide what to have breakfast, and check your schedule. You can read your work mail to better know what you have to. “But remember that you still have a day off and you have the right to postpone all any serious working tasks the next day,” she recalls.

4. Turn yourself

Promise yourself that on Monday morning you will definitely please yourself with something pleasant. It can be a favorite cake or coffee of an unusual variety or, say, a new list of music that you can listen to on the way to work. The main thing is that on Sunday you know that in the morning you will expect not only a lot of things, but something really joyful.

Similar care of oneself will also be useful for those who are not working, but sits at home with children. “When you are completely immersed in care for children, it is very important sometimes to be distracted and do something only for yourself,” the psychologist emphasizes.

5. If you work remotely, start moving into “working mode”

“Those who work from the house, I would advise you to start a certain ritual, symbolizing the switching from the“ home ”mode. Suppose for this you can change into a “working” suit or transfer to the table where you usually work, ”the specialist recommends.

Also, since you do not need to go anywhere, you can start another ritual that replaces the road to work and vice versa. A short walk, meditation or easy physical activity is good.

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