On the screen, he hides his “I” under the mask of a jester. But only a very inattentive viewer does not guess that a smart and bright person is hiding under it. He is popular and in demand, but at the same time did not become a slave to success. And it seems that the main thing in life he still has to find. Alexander Pushnoy leafs out an album with family photos and comments on the most important.

Alexander Pushnom 33 years. Graduated from the Physics Faces of Novosibirsk University. On the STS television channel, he conducts the programs “Good jokes” (along with Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Shaceta) and “Galileo”. Musician, author and performer of songs. In 2008, he released a disk of musical parodies and songs “Puff.ru “.

“I am a father. I will stop being only when I stop existing. I can probably call myself a “musician” – it is better in quotation marks, so that later I was not called a musician. But to die for this profession, to cross out your life, a family to become a musician is not for me. I’m probably a good person. It’s very difficult for me to offend people. In creative matters, I am quite tough, I can argue, yell, defend my. And in life – soft. Especially with regard to the issue of “agree on salary”. I do not associate myself completely with television, because this is a temporary story. And who will be at 50 years old, I can’t imagine. In this sense, I am a fatalist. I argue like this: you must do the fact that it brings pleasure, and understand why you need it, and then see if you can make money here ”. “I’m looking for an accurate sound” “I made my first bass gitar myself: I cut a board and attached a draw to it, which I took at school. And now I have Gibson Les Paul Classic. The longer I live with her, the more she means for me. I was looking for a sound for a long time, I don’t know if I found it, but I definitely move in this direction. I understand that

the shades of the sound that I capture are to the viewers to the lantern. But for me it is a special and very important paint of life “.

Text: Galina Chermenskaya Source of photos: Gleb Kordovsky, Alexey Bashmakov, Photoexpress, from the personal archive

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